Igniting Growth. Unlocking Potential.

Uncover core values, purpose, and unique opportunities.

Ignite Growth. Unlock Potential.

Peak Performance Teams

Looking for organizational success amid a constantly changing landscape? Peak performance requires agility and focus found through a cohesive team that leverages collaboration, accountability, and shared leadership.


Engage your team with this dynamic session that empowers and raises the bar on team achievement. This workshop will help build your team from the inside out and allow individuals to effectively contribute their best toward organization goals.

Sessions offered: This workshop strives to meet specific needs and is most effective when facilitated with complete teams.


Productive Conflict and Positive Outcomes

What is the defining factor that differentiates positive conflict from negative conflict? How can companies and individuals learn to use and benefit from constructive conflict and minimize the attention, burn-out and dysfunction that comes from negative conflict?


This workshop answers these questions and much more. Enhance the ability to prepare for and react to conflict in a productive and intentional manner. Workshops utilize the Thomas-Kilmann instrument to identify personal predispositions and then apply insight to your specific situations.

Sessions offered: one-on-one individual coaching and team/group instruction, all which consider both internal and external conflict behaviors.


Leader Development

The mantle of leadership comes with many expectations. Preparation is critical to individual and organizational performance. This dynamic program offers foundational skills in Leadership, Project Management, and Business Acumen. Whether individuals are beginning their leadership journey or have years of experience this program will enable peak performance.


What is leadership? What are the characteristics of great leaders? How do you lead a team or business? These questions will be the focus of this session and will be tied directly to real world application.

How is a project best managed? What are tools that will help assure timelines are met, team members are accountable, and details are not overlooked? Is there a way to assure everyone is on-board with the initiative? Project management can be the difference to successful organizational change. Leaders understand the need for a pragmatic approach to project execution.

All organizations require business acumen from their leaders, regardless if they are for profit or non-profit. Resource management is key to performance and growth.

This program is designed to deliver knowledge, demonstrate application through real-world practice, and reflect on best practices and learnings. Participants will be expected to complete pre-work, actively participate during instruction sessions, document application, and be willing to share experiences.

Sessions offered: one-on-one individual coaching and team/group instruction, all are focused sessions with intermediate individualized coaching.


Self-Leadership for Peak Performance

Understanding Your Own Brain: Self Leadership and Peak Performance
All leadership starts with Self leadership. But how do you discover what truly makes you tick?


Would you like to learn what really motivates you positively, and what triggers you negatively, so can you move through internal blocks and perform at your best? This dynamic workshop teaches neuroscience based strategies for peak performance, dissolving negative states and engaging top leadership abilities.

Sessions offered: one-on-one coaching, group/team development, and organizational cultural progression.


TrionfoCREM is experienced in designing workshops to meet the needs of our clients.
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One-on-one coaching, facilitated training, and learning sustainment.

One-on-one coaching, facilitated strategy sessions.

Connected Coaching

Feeling stuck or struggling to reach peak performance? One-on-one coaching helps you attain personal and professional goals. People often seek coaching guidance with career, developing positive habits, goal setting, dealing with stress and self-actualization.

Shelly has over a decade of experience working with individuals and has a flare for identifying underlying life values and guiding people to personal and professional fulfillment. Coaching is the process of helping people understand what is blocking them from achieving their goals and working to develop behaviors that enhance peak performance.

Work can be a single focused coaching conversation, or a series of sessions geared toward goal obtainment.

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One-on-one coaching, facilitated strategy sessions.

Connected Speaking

Everyday Extraordinary Leadership

When you hear the word leadership, what comes to mind? Do you see yourself as a leader? You exert leadership in your life daily whether consciously or unconsciously. Impactful, positive leadership often requires a private but courageous self-examination and awareness. This knowledge is foundational to your ability to make sense of the situations you encounter and lead with your core values and respect for others. Businesses, communities, and volunteer organizations yearn for leaders that build trust, show compassion, and create hope. Leadership is not reserved for people with titles.

Victorious Women

What are the unique talents and characteristics you hold within you? How do you courageously offer them to your career, family, and community? What does a purposeful woman look like? How can you build a support system that empowers you? Move beyond the search for fool’s gold and dig deep for real treasure. Remove the façade that you think everyone expects, reveal the real you, and maximize your impact personally and professionally.

Soul Purpose

Linked to a sense of purpose, engagement in the workplace is critical to employee retention and optimum performance. Uncover the ability to live and work from soul deep purpose and make the impossible completely possible. How does your work contribute to the world and your personal fulfillment? Maximize your success by aligning your purpose and your daily actions.

TrionfoCREM works with each client to deliver customized presentations. Shelly has spoken on a variety of topics including team building, shared leadership, strategic planning, sales efficacy, and building bridges between farmers and consumers.
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Shelly Schell is a people developer, coach, trainer and strategist driven to empower others to succeed.

Through one-on-one coaching, group training, and facilitated strategy sessions, Shelly works to uncover core values, purpose, and unique opportunities to guide individualized personal and professional development.

Through her customized approach, she has worked with businesses to design, deliver and evaluate training programs to elevate individuals and groups. Shelly has decades of experience in strategic planning and thrives on finding innovative approaches to challenges. She is passionate about developing interdependence between businesses and communities to find solutions to tough challenges today and in the future. Her ability in customer focus, relationship building and collaboration has resulted in numerous awards.

Shelly attended Michigan State University earning a degree in Agriculture and Natural Resources Communication. She obtained a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from St. Mary’s University Minnesota graduating with highest honors. Shelly holds certifications in Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management (TKI), Life Orientations (LIFO), Extended DISC, Situational Leadership, and a certificate in coaching.


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